86cm – Bar Table/Stool Hairpins


Tall 86cm hairpin legs, perfect for a bar height table.

Weight tolerances:

10mm – 40kg / 12mm – 50kg

Price shown is for a set of 4 legs. Delivered with floor protectors and 30mm screws!

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The tallest of our hairpin legs – and they wear that badge of honour with pride. They’re ideal for a breakfast bar, or an entryway table – and they make a gorgeous statement against a wooden table top. Just keep your weight tolerances in mind – as hairpins get taller, they get a little weaker too. These 86cm legs can hold up to 40kg in 10mm, and 50kg in 12mm.

The hairpin leg is a thing of simplistic beauty, so we hated the thought of ruining its look with our floor protectors. Instead of matching the feet to the colour of the table legs, we chose clear rubberised plastic, which blends in with all floor finishes and allows the hairpin loop design to show through. As an added bonus, the grippy texture helps to stop furniture slipping! 30mm screws are also included with every order.

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 12 x 12 x 86 cm


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